The Edge Effect

Thursday, April 20, 2006


This morning I noticed that one of the ads running on the right side of this blog was for the Honda Fit. The ad was slick and it looked like there were some new electronic goodies in the Fit, so I checked it out.

I have to say, the webpage was less spectacular than I had expected. The car looks a lot like the Pontiac Vibe, which I think is kind of lame. But it's also a little bit reminiscent of the Honda Element, which I think is a pretty cool vehicle. So maybe there is hope. The page extatically announces "an innovative 60/40 split 2nd row Magic-Seat" that apparently allows innovative butt configurations. As near as I can tell, that just means that the back seats are split asymmetrically and lay down. Our lame Focus does that.

The part of the ad that really drew me in was the "drive by wire" throttle system. I was hoping for some serious Knight Rider stuff here. It turns out that they have just replaced the throttle cable with a computer system that will undoubtedly cost $1000 every time it breaks.

They really don't salvage any cool points with lines in the description like
One glance at this impetuous, bite-sized wonder and you just might think "The Fit is go!"
On the plus side, there is a photo of this car with a llama inside so it's probably a decent dog-transporter. Also, I suppose the drive-by-wire is a cool piece of engineering, and with a base price under $14k this is the cheapest Honda with four wheels.

Honda, I hope you know what you're doing. That Ridgeline abomination has me doubting and don't get me started about the mechanized doors on the Odyssey. It's nice that you're offering something at the entry-level, but please have some style and originality here!