The Edge Effect

Sunday, April 16, 2006

Seen Any Good Movies Lately?

So we went to see a couple of movies over the past couple of days. Thank You for Smoking was fun. It looks like a movie about the tobacco lobby and it does a nice job of dealing with that mess without being too preachy. But it's more a movie about lobbying and moral ambiguity. It really isn't too preachy on that point either. Mostly it was funny and I identified with everyone a little bit, even though nobody came out looking good. Probably the best part is that Jonah Goldberg apparently thinks the lead is the kind of sympathetic conservative every-man that has been missing in hollywood. Funny stuff.

Also, went to see Inside Man with the in-laws. That was way better than I expected. Plenty of formulaic downtrodden cops just tryin' to do the best they can in an unfair world, brilliant-yet-misguided criminals with possibly-noble motives, loving-yet-needy cop-fiancees, and a mysterious Jodie Foster for good measure. Despite the predictable bits, the movie was quite clever and interesting. Spike Lee was involved and that really came out in a couple of scenes, but I kind of found those points a little rough compared to the rest of the movie. Also, what's the deal with Bollywood music for opening and closing credits?

Oh yeah, also saw Herbie: Fully Loaded on cable. Really not as bad as it looked, kind of fun but don't go out of your way to see it.

How 'bout you?