The Edge Effect

Thursday, June 22, 2006

Turkey Hunting

I hate to brag (sort of), but I'm feeling pretty self-satisfied right now. Bowling last night was a huge success.

I had three games in the 130s which was quite nice, but not overwhelming. Then in game four, I finally joined the Turkey Club. I was a probationary member before, because I had gotten a turkey but it was with a different group and nobody on the usual team witnessed it.

Frank was there last night so now it's official. Not only did I get my first sanctioned three-striker, but I went on to bowl a fourth consecutive strike. I also had several other strikes and spares in the fourth game bringing my final score to 222!

Make no mistake, this was a total fluke, that's nearly 60 above my previous personal best. But that doesn't mean I'm going to sit back and not pretend that it represents my skills. I really think the key was that I was a little buzzed and they finally switched the music from Brittany Spears to real rock n roll for the last game. Now if we could just get them to play good music every night...

By the way: The picture is apparently a turkey-shaped Jell-O mold on a bed of pomegranate seeds. Mmmmm..