The Edge Effect

Wednesday, August 16, 2006


I've finally made an album of photos taken while working on the new house. My plan had been to document the entire project in photos so there would be a satisfying 'before and after' album. Of course once I got into the frustrating, nasty parts I mostly quit taking pictures. That and my battery charger was packed.

So you'll see that there are photos of the house from before we bought it (those are the ones where there is snow on the ground and the house is clean), then there are pictures of the first few major jobs I undertook. These include fixing the gas line to the dryer and building the fence. Then there is a great leap from the fence to the nearly finished master bedroom.

I wish I had taken better before pictures of the bedroom. If you look closely, you may be able to figure which before pictures match the yellow after pictures. It was two bedrooms with closets in between. I hired a well-recommended contractor to remove the wall and rough in a new closet at the back. After that though, my good friend Eric and I did all the drywall, electrical, etc. Once C got back we put in the parquet floor and painted. Since then we have put up closet doors, track lighting, and a few other finishing touches. Not finished yet, but getting there.

There are also some pictures showing just how much of a sty I am capable of living in. When I was moving/working and there wasn't much call to be tidy I wasn't. So please excuse the extreme mess in some of these and absolve C of responsibility for said messes.

Hopefully I can update this with more final photos soon, then we can have a bbq so those of you in the listening area can come and see for yourselves. Or you could just drop by any time you feel like it.

Anyway, here's the link. Enjoy!