The Edge Effect

Monday, August 14, 2006

Uh... Hi

Ok, so I haven't posted much (anything) lately. I know, I'm a great slacker. I could give all the normal excuses about being consumed by remodeling a house, having my wife return to town, trying to catch up to a reasonable place on my dissertation, etc. But you probably know that and you don't really care.

I've got a few things to post about this week, but I don't feel like putting any energy into it this AM. Also, the Haloscan problem is still not completely fixed (sorry Bob), but I think it's partially fixed. Now instead of seeing a Haloscan link on direct link pages you should just see no comment link. Maybe?

So I'll try to get things rolling again with a cop-out post. Pharyngula today links to a paper refuting the "Evidence-Based Movement" in medicine.

This seems like a useful little tool for finishing a dissertation early. It's really the data and evidence part that's slowing me down. I mean I already know the basic argument that I want to make. Plus if I were freed from the constraints of evidence I could probably come up with some pretty cool nuances to add.

I think I'll take this to my advisor this week and ask if I can just replace all my data analyses with this reference. Some of you know him, what do you think his reaction will be?