The Edge Effect

Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Fuzzy Math and Birthday Fraud

C believes that she is entitled to two birthdays per year. It seems that she was born right about midnight on November 21/22, 1979 [edit - she was born in 1978. oops.]. According to her birth certificate it was 11:59 PM Nov 21, but her father claims that it was actually 12:01 AM Nov 22.

Because 11/21 is the date on her birth certificate, it is the date on her driver's license and official documents. It's also the date she always tells people and the date that we celebrate. Of course she tries on Nov 22 to claim that today is really her birthday or even that she has two birthdays per year.

Birthday fraud - Simply Appalling.

I am not one to distribute cheer and celebration freely so I insist on mirth for only one 24 hour span each year.

This is causing some friction today. So if you run into C today and she tries to make you say happy birthday to her you should either refuse or you should congratulate her on her 56th birthday. After all, if she has two birthdays every year then she must age twice as fast as the rest of us.