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Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Burrito News

Two exciting bits of burrito-related gossip this week.

1) From the Ann Arbor News (M-Live link, sorry) - BTB (formerly Big Ten Burrito) has purchased the old Good Time Charley's building on South U. They will be converting the bottom floor into a BTB restaurant (apparently with real tables and everything!). The upstairs will be a 'Mexican Cantina.' Mmmmmmmmm..... Beer and burritos!

2) Last week I stopped at The Burrito Joint on Packard. All I can say is wow! I think it may actually be better than BTB. If for no other reason, The Burrito Joint has chorizo and BTB does not. Somehow I feel a little guilty about saying that, I guess since Big Ten was the first local mega-burrito stand. But I think I eat enough burritos to appreciate both. Especially since BTB will have a cantina on campus so it's not like I'm going to abandon them.

Life is goood.

UPDATE: I'm now told by a reliable source who appears to have read the article more carefully that 1) the BTB guys ARE buying Good Time Charlies, BUT 2) they are rehabbing the first floor to reopen as Good Time Charlie's under new management, AND 3) upstairs will be a cantina and burrito joint. Still good news, just different.

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