The Edge Effect

Sunday, February 18, 2007

Dimming Light

'Tis the season for committees to make their decisions about jobs, fellowships, post-docs and various other forms of funding. The thin envelopes have started pouring in. I finally tabulated the official rejections that I've gotten and the picture is actually not that bad - you know, all things considered.

This year I applied for 13 jobs and one post-doc.
Of those, I've gotten official rejections for five of the jobs.
I know who has been interviewed at four others (and I'm not one of them) so I can assume they are all negatory.
I don't have any official rejection letter for two, but I'm pretty confident that they're no-gos.
That leaves two jobs that are still on the table and the post-doc, all three of which I think are slim-but-real chances.

The light at the end of the tunnel is a little more dim, but at least it isn't a train. The three outstanding applications are the only three that were realistic from the start, so the light really isn't that much dimmer either.