The Edge Effect

Thursday, April 19, 2007

Hey Look Over There

It's a new blog about dog parks in Ann Arbor.

I'll post more details here later, but I've been in contact with the city and went to the Parks Advisory Commission meeting Tuesday to find out why things are moving so slowly.

The short story is that I was blown off by most of the committee members and the others expressed support, but none of them see any hope for an off-leash area this summer. The resources are available, but there is simply no will to move quickly.

The supportive members suggested that pressure from residents *might* help expedite things. So if you support the creation of a safe and legal off-leash area in Ann Arbor and you would like to see it happen this summer rather than maybe next winter, please contact the people listed over at arbordog. Tell them that you want action to be taken now so that we have this resource this summer. "Maybe next October" is not good enough.

[end rant]