The Edge Effect

Friday, August 25, 2006

Computer Woes


Now it's my laptop.

The power cord has been touchy for the past week or so. I was hoping that it was just the cord itself so I could replace it easily. Today the problem got too bad to ignore so I went to CompUSA where I originally bought the machine.

Unfortunately it is the connector on the computer itself that has come loose. They replace the whole motherboard rather than risking damage by soldering it back into place. Not only that, but since it's still under the first year warranty, they have to send it back to the manufacturer for service. That'll take about 2.5 weeks which is about 1.5 less than I expected so that's a plus.

So I'm spending today backing up my hard drive to be sure I have a few things to work on for the next couple of weeks and also in case something terrible happens in this process and the drive gets wiped or damaged. I wanted to just pull the drive and use it in an external enclosure for the coming weeks, but the tech guy says that would void the warranty even if he pulled it. I guess they aren't allowed to do anything to the machines that are on the first year and they have to send the entire package back to the company.

Quelle bummer! I guess it could be worse, but this stinks.